TransMedics was successfully offering Europeans the newest technology available for living organ transplants, but needed to increase recruitment of US-based trial participants to meet FDA requirements.



Determined to define the distinctive personas interested in live organ transplants, 451 Agency dug into all available qualitative data to drive the direction of outreach initiatives. The agency then crafted appropriate messaging and materials for the patients and other identified stakeholders focused on the patient’s quality of life: mobility, independence, longevity. Using contrasting warm and cool colors to symbolize their innovative method of removing cold storage from the heart transplant process, we created a fully-responsive website that would present information about TransMedics in a clear and concise manner.

451 Agency also created an explainer video to be featured on the new website that would engage the audience emotionally and demonstrate the life changing potential of this technology.



TransMedics achieved the world’s first human liver transplant using OCS™ at Massachusetts General Hospital, solidifying TransMedics’ market leadership position.