On Deck Sports a mid-sized, niche market, B2C company wanted to push beyond the boundaries of their core business and increase their number of inbound leads.



451 Agency kicked off a well-designed, pay-per-click advertising campaign to engage searchers actively looking for design and installation of indoor sports facilities.

What began as a well-conceived, pay-per-click advertising campaign to convert searchers into leads, developed into a game-changing modernization of ODS’ business model. 451 Agency also recommended they elevate their ecommerce play by selling the equipment and supplies for baseball and softball facilities.


In addition, the push on shopping campaigns (and as a direct result of), ODS saw record-high ecommerce revenue in Q1 2016, and sales exceeded previous monthly revenue records 3 times consecutively from January to March. Year to date, organic search is up over 135%, and over 70% overall, and lead gen conversion rates have increased 33% with a reported marked increase in lead quality.

  • 113%

    grew revenue

  • 34%

    higher ROAS

  • 42%

    increase leads/month