Increase the deposits of a regional bank, in significant enough amounts to fund sustained loan growth, while avoiding the cannibalization of existing retail strategies.


Northern Bank’s 451 Agency account team was led by a banking industry veteran with a deep understanding of the regulatory compliance risks. This unique viewpoint provided critical insight in the development of the digital campaign to ensure that the resulting deposits would not be classified as “brokered deposits”.



451 Agency worked closely with Northern Bank’s senior management on a new approach to gather on-line deposits outside of their traditional footprint. Specifically, this included devising a name, logo, and overall design that would stand slightly apart and yet still naturally feel a part of Northern Bank.

Once completed, 451 Agency designed a fully compliant “micro-site” for Northern Bank Direct, which is distinct in its look and feel, while still effortlessly fitting in as part of the Northern Bank brand family.

Lastly, initially designated as a proof-of-concept “sprint” campaign, 451 Agency developed a strategic digital advertising plan with the goal of raising awareness with a target audience to gather out-of-market deposits.


The branding and digital advertising campaign was so successful in its first 2 months, that Northern Bank’s senior management increased the overall 12 month goal. Additionally, the bank committed to a full year digital program for Northern Bank Direct and engaged 451 Agency’s research, creative, and digital services on a full-time basis for Northern Bank overall.


451 Agency and Northern Bank are both delighted that the website not only continues to exceed  expectations for out-of-footprint deposit gathering, but has also been recognized by Web Marketing Association (WMA) with an Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development for Financial Services

Results after two months of implementation

  • +124%

    of stated 3 month goal

  • +88%

    of stated 6 month goal