Hood® Cream wanted to elevate its brand in the mind of consumers, creating maximum brand awareness for it’s “quality” product messaging.



Recognizing that a majority of their target demo get their meal inspiration from trusted influencers and online sources, 451 Agency embarked on a targeted, 6-month, strategic public relations campaign that focused heavily on a strategic chef partnership and influencer marketing. The agency enlisted celebrity Chef Chris Coombs to bring to life “chef-trusted” messaging that highlighted the quality of Hood® Cream and its many uses while driving brand sales.

Through the partnership, Chef Coombs became an integral part of strengthening HP Hood Cream’s messaging with 7 popular regional food influencers. Building on the momentum of the team’s previous work, 451 Agency designed an intimate blogger immersion dinner with a specialty tasting menu, “Soiree for the Season,” based on the second edition of the Hood® Cream eCookbook.

To continue driving sales during the holidays, 451 Agency concepted and supported production of the “Holiday Recipes brought to you by HP Hood® Cream” cooking series on WBZ-TV featuring Chef Coombs and blogger Jocelyn Adams of Grandbaby Cakes. The series featured Jocelyn and Chef Coombs highlighting popular recipes during brief two-minute segments, driving viewers to HP Hood’s website to download the eCookbook.



As a result of this campaign, Hood® Cream recognized double-digit increase in category revenue. It was the only product line to increase share of fridge that year.

  • 3.4M

    total impressions

  • 79

    pieces of coverage