As the war for technical talent escalates, a top-10 pharmaceutical company was having trouble attracting both active and passive job seekers and recruit top talent globally.


Every smart campaign begins with insights. 451 Agency’s initial step is always to learn more about you, your customers, what’s working and where your efforts are failing your goals. In the case of Astra Zeneca, 451 Agency began with a technical audit of the existing site, keyword universe, keyword mapping, and optimized URL development, and the technical issues preventing the site from achieving a high ranking were identified and corrected.

After the initial triage on the site, 451 Agency went back over the site’s content with a fine-tooth comb, and optimized language and tags for open roles, company-specific language, and relevant career fields. With the use of Google Webmaster Tools, 451 Agency segmented out keywords found “below the fold” in positions 3.1 through 20 and tweaked the critical keywords to improve overall ranking.

The agency also developed and implemented a targeted paid advertising strategy with customized ad copy for PPC and social advertising, display ad remarketing, and optimization of landing pages.

451 Agency also provided the Astra Zeneca brand team extensive training on best practices and tips for social platforms and produced engaging, shareable content daily on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.



  • 39%

    increase in lead volume (year 1)

  • 401%

    increase in Instagram following

  • 100%

    increase organic traffic
    (year 1)