A small business lender faced fierce online competition, lacked sufficient brand differentiation and had very poor performance marketing in place.



The company had a small sales force capable of closing leads via the phone so online leads were the best way to scale lead flow while they built their phone sales team. 451 rebuilt the website to focus on driving online applications and on minimizing phone calls (in the short term). We did this through a detailed redesign and the development of a comprehensive user journey. We stripped down the website’s navigation to make it as easy as possible for the user, and limit the number of clicks it took to apply for a loan. We then designed and executed an extremely robust digital marketing program that included SEO, PPC and programmatic display advertising. The client was able to drastically increase their number of conversions both through desktop and mobile applications.


In the first three months organic traffic increased by over 1000% – literally grinding their servers to a halt. 451 helped get their tech stack up to standard to get things moving again. Once we helped load balance their servers, traffic levels remained at this new level. Spend levels went from less than $3000/mo (in the first quarter) to over $300,000/mo in the first 9 months requiring the company to quadruple its sales team. The client’s sales cycle decrease resulted in more loans approved in a faster time period.

  • 1300%

    paid traffic increase

  • 55%

    client’s sales cycle decreased