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Thomas Lee

Senior partner/owner, 451 Marketing

Age: 39

Education: Bachelor’s degree in English, Plymouth State University, 1996

Residence: North Andover

Favorite vacation spot: Turks & Caicos Islands, and Europe every few years

Unusual talent: Is a licensed recreational lobster diver in Massachusetts and regularly dives for my dinner off of Cape Ann

Favorite book: Recently finished “Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the Greatest Race Ever Run,” about the 13th Hawaii Ironman

Favorite movies: “The Natural” and “Hoosiers”

Musical artist: The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons

Motto to live by: “Never be afraid to walk through a door when it opens for you, even if it leads you somewhere you hadn’t planned on going.”

Thomas Lee started off his career as a newspaper reporter in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, before becoming the youngest press secretary at the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. He later joined the Massachusetts Hospital Association and then worked for Boston public relations firm Regan Communications. In 2007, Lee received a call from an old friend about helping launch the public relations practice 451 Marketing, and decided to join as the third partner.

Since then, Lee has helped grow the marketing firm from a four-person shop to a 50-person agency with offices in Boston, New York and Los Angeles. Lee has overseen the entire company’s public relations teams and assisted in driving the agency’s strategic direction for close to seven years.

Lee grew up in Belle Harbor, the residential area of Rockaway Beach peninsula in New York City. He attended an all-boys Jesuit high school in Manhattan and found growing up in the city to be an education in itself. “Just ask anyone from Boston who knows me where I grew up and where I went to high school and they’ll roll their eyes,” said Lee of his upbringing. “They’re two of my favorite subjects!”

Lee is a triathlon and foot-race runner, competing in races like Boston Athletic Association Half-Marathon, which he ran last year with his 65-year-old father. Lee and his father also ran the Dublin Marathon.

Lee lends his pro-bono media relations to charities, securing $3 million worth of media coverage for Youk’s Kids, making it one of the most widely recognized Massachusetts charities.

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