Smart Cross Social Media Marketing for Bloggers

Susie Anderson, Vice President of Social Media and Influencer Relations, offers some tips that will take your social media marketing to the next level. 

You’ve probably heard it said that social media marketing is really just about developing a relationship with others on social media and then holding a conversation. This is always a good starting point for any type of social media marketing.

If you’re new to the social media marketing game, Luana Spinetti offers some excellent tips in her article Social Media Marketing Basics – The Starter Guide for SMM Managers. You will learn how to cover the preliminaries of choosing a target audience and market on the top 7 platforms.

However, if you’re already on more than one social media network and you’re looking for ways to streamline that process and be more effective, then you’ll want to look at some smart ways you can cross promote instead of spinning your wheels doing the same work for multiple channels.

What is cross-promotion?

Cross-promotion is simply taking one goal and adapting it slightly for different social media networks. So, if you want to tell readers about an amazing article you just posted on your blog, you will target your posts to the readers who would be most interested in that article and then you’ll adapt your wording slightly to make the best use of your promotional time.

We all only have so many hours in the day. Cross-promotion helps you make the absolute best use of the social media marketing time you have at your disposal.

Tip # 1: Imagery Is King

“When promoting your blog content on social media, always be sure to include an image and to make sure the image is optimized for each individual platform. Yes, it takes time to re-size images to each platform’s specifications, but it will pay off with clicks and engagements!”

Tip # 2: Optimize Hashtags (or don’t use them at all):

“When posting to each platform, be sure to consider which hashtags will perform best in terms of getting eyes on your content. The optimal hashtags to use are likely not the same on both Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to do research on each platform. And don’t utilize hashtags on platforms where they’re not necessarily relevant, like Facebook and Pinterest.”

Tip # 3: Use Custom Trackable Links across Platforms and Pay Attention to Analytics

“Creating trackable links for each piece of content on each platform will allow you to see what type of content is working best on what platforms. Be sure to dig into your blog’s analytics regularly and build custom reports for yourself. This will help you tailor your cross-promoting strategy for the future.”

Tip # 4: Do More than Only Promote Your Own Content

“The key to any blog promotion strategy is to focus on more than just promoting yourself. On all platforms, you should work to engage with and promote others, whether it’s tweeting out another blogger’s content, commenting on their Instagram post, pinning imagery from their blog, or including them in a Facebook post roundup. Promoting others will not only help vary your content, but it will also allow you to build valuable relationships that will ultimately pay off in your own promotion strategy.”

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