How the pen industry hangs on in a digital world

By Becky Yerak, The Chicago Tribune

Karyn Martin uses only one type of pen for everyday writing: a Uni-ball Vision with pink ink.

“I do a lot of writing and editing, and all of my notes are in pink,” Martin, 36, said. “People know that when they see pink ink it’s my comments.”

At the same time, her firm believes that employees might like at least one expensive pen in their tool kits.

“When you’re at the company for three years, you get a Cross pen engraved with your name as an anniversary gift,” said the executive vice president of 451 Marketing in Boston. The pens cost about $100 each. “That’s the type of pen you write a check with for buying your first house or signing important contracts.”

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Martin’s pen preferences illustrate how, even in an increasingly digital world, consumers haven’t written off the pen industry, data show.

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