Lessons Learned: How Six Boston Entrepreneurs Named Their Businesses

What’s in a name? For a small business, it can spell the difference between success and failure.

Each week, the Boston Business Journal solicits feedback from the local business community in our Lessons Learned segment. From startups to larger companies, we pose questions such as: How did you go about securing funding for the your business, and what is the worst business advice you never took? The answers are meant to provide insight to fellow entrepreneurs or the brave souls about to take the plunge.

AJ Gerritson, 451 Marketing

451 Marketing is named for Ray Bradbury’s classic novel, “Fahrenheit 451.” … Bradbury named his novel after the autoignition point of paper (it’s actually 450 degrees Celsius, which apparently didn’t roll off the tongue as well (call it artistic license). We, in turn, named our agency 451 Marketing because our marketing efforts are “too hot for paper.”

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Who is 451 Agency?

451 Agency knows it’s not about you or us, it’s about THEM…Your customers! By starting with consumer insights, our agency provides strategic creative, digital marketing and public relations campaigns that are compelling and engaging. Founded in 2004, 451 is one of the fastest growing independent agencies in the country with three offices and over eighty-five full-time staff. Winners of numerous industry awards for creative excellence, outstanding achievement in public relations, and innovation in digital marketing, 451 prides itself and credits its growth to the agency’s motto to always “exceed our clients’ expectations.”