How did Boston’s Olympics bid failure impact the city’s reputation? We asked the PR experts

What impact will Boston’s failed Olympics bid have on the city’s reputation, both nationally and internationally? The Boston Business Journal asked that very question to top executives from some of the leading public relations firms in Massachusetts. Nick Lowe and Tom Lee, partners at 451 Marketing weigh in.

“The impact to our reputation will be minimal. The decision to withdraw was a practical one that caused a lot of Bostonians to breathe a collective sigh of relief. For people in other countries, this won’t even be a blip on their radar. Nationally, it will simply reinforce our image as a practical, sensible city that wont leap headlong into a commitment as unpredictable as being an Olympic host city. Locally, I think Mayor Walsh will come out of this a hero for not giving in to the seductive allure of the international stage.” -Nicholas Lowe, Founding Partner, 451 Marketing

“The fact that Mayor Walsh and the great majority Bostonians refused to be seduced by the Olympic mystique says a lot about the character of this city. Sure it would have been exciting to have the Olympic torch paraded down Storrow Drive, but without having a clear picture of the financial ramifications, it’s simply not worth the risk. Boston is a marquee city by its own merits. We don’t need the Olympics. I don’t believe this will damage Boston’s reputation at all. If anything, it will reinforce our reputation as pragmatic Yankees. Other U.S. cities are now going to be much more wary of the Olympic lure.” – Thomas Lee, Senior Partner, 451 Marketing


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